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Providing High-Capacity Video Archive in Illinois, Florida, and Virginia

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It is important that you can review videos recorded in your video camera security system even after a long period of time in case security breaches around your property are discovered or suspected. However, video files take up too much storage space so you can’t keep much CCTV footages with a limited storage. With ANC, you don’t have to worry about losing important footage due to lack of space because we offer a high-capacity video archive in Virginia, Illinois, and Florida. 


ANC is delighted to let you know that we are now a VAR for the Video Vault Archive and ProActive Extended Storage Solutions product line. To learn more about our data storage upgrade, please see the details below:


The Vault Archive: This innovative data storage solution is changing the face of archiving security surveillance data. We assure companies that their security system’s data will never be overwritten due to lack of space. Vault Data offers up to 3 years of space on ProActive’s external hard drive and unlimited space via the cloud.


Video Cloud Archiving: Our patented technology is the best way to archive video files and media assets as it saves money by not needing to buy new external storage hardware. Here are the factors why you should consider our expandable digital video library:

Great Benefits:

  • No Need To Replace Existing Hardware
  • No Increased Bandwidth Requirements
  • No Upfront Hardware Costs
  • The Most Cost-Effective Cloud Storage Options (From 30 Days to 3 Years)
  • Full Health Monitoring of Entire Network
  • Worry-Free Installation and Maintenance

Affordable Prices:

  • 30-Day Cloud Storage: $7.50 per Camera per Month
  • 90-Day Cloud Storage: $12.00 per Camera per Month
  • 6-Month Cloud Storage: $19.00 per Camera per Month
  • 1-Year Cloud Storage: $30.00 per Camera per Month
  • 2-Year Cloud Storage: $40.00 per Camera per Month

One-Time $295 Activation and Account Setup Fee Plus 1st Cloud Upfront

What Is the Vault Storage?

Vault Storage will effectively back up and store your surveillance systems’ video cache for long periods without being overwritten. Most of the time, Vault Storage is used passively rather than actively, meaning businesses go back to search and review the footage long after the fact.


Businesses that acquire ProActive Vault Storage can easily access their video footage to be used as evidence in legal cases, protecting them from long-term liability concerns. Here are the features of this product:

  • Real-Time System Failure Alerts
  • Triple Level Redundancy When Using On-Site and Off-Site Options
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption at Rest and During Transfers
  • Minimum Bandwidth Requirements (.7mbps per 16 Cameras)
  • Customizable Storage Solutions From 3 Months to 3 Years To Meet Your Needs
  • Uses of the Most Secure Data Farm in the World: Google Enterprise
  • Compatible With All Technologies (IP, CVI, TVI, SDI, and Analog)
  • Easy-To-Use Universal CMS Software (Allows You To View the Status and Manage All Your Servers From One Place Using One Software)
  • Free Automatic Software Updates. No Firmware Upgrades!

What Is Pulse Monitoring?

Pulse Monitoring is the stethoscope to security cameras. If there is a single failure, Pulse will send alerts in real time via text or email. Clients can view their security system’s network live on our ProActive CMS.


If a camera fails, the system will not record data from the time of its failure. This sort of health checking is a necessity for all camera surveillance systems. Pulse Monitoring provides true peace of mind, ensuring your video is there when you need it! Contact us to learn more about our video storage extension products. 


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